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Birthday Book for Amelia's Magazine

For 10 Year Anniversary of Amelia's Magazine. Check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Amelia’s Magazine celebrates ten years with new publication and artists' print series That Which We Do Not Understand, an existential journey in illustration and creative writing.
Always a keen champion of sustainability, Amelia has decided to print the book largely on demand, assessing numbers via a Kickstarter campaign which launched on Monday. Alongside the book, Amelia has also commissioned a series of A2 limited-edition art prints created by innovative young designers and illustrators, adorned with gold leaf. Reserve your copy herewritten by Grafik

Amelia's Magazine is one of my first clients back in th days. I found the magazine at the newsstand in New York and it became my favorite magazine until now. So when Amelia told me about this project which is celebrating 10th anniversary for their book. I was very happy to participate.

The subject was interesting as well. Since I lost my grandfater last year, I started to think where we are going after the life. In Japan, funeral ceremony is very solemn. I guess that was very luckey for me not to have the funeral until last year(nobody died around me), but I was very shocked to realize how people died and let the souls go away. 
In Japan, the funeral is usually on the day after the wake. The procedure is similar to the wake, and incense is offered while a priest chants a sutra. The ceremony differs slightly as the deceased receives a new Buddhist name written in Kanji. The kanji for these kaimyō are usually very old, obsolete, and sometimes with esoteric meanings, and so few people can read them.At the end of the funeral ceremony, the guests and family may place flowers in the casket around the deceased's head and shoulders before the casket is sealed and carried to the elaborately decorated hearse and transported to the crematorium. In some regions of Japan, the coffin is nailed shut by the mourners using a stone.
After I started to think where the souls will go after the life, I learnt so many things that I never thought before. In Japan, we believe the souls will go to the Hell first to be judged by the 10 hell kings for 10 times to show our souls are clean. And I thought that was very interetsting. 
So when I heard about this Amelia's magazine project, I immediatly thought about this. I knew that I wanted to draw the scenery of the after life world.

I did not want my drawings to be too dark because I'm praying for the souls, including my grandfater's, to walk happily after the life. So how it comes up.

I hope this campaign will go well and it comes to alive.
Thank you so much for reading :)



Brisa Libereria x Yoko Furusho

I'd be very happy to make the announcement my very first talk-show in Aoyama, Tokyo. This is such a nice cafe where book-lovers can gather and talk about it :) Please join me if you're around.

青山にあるブックカフェ、ブリッサリベレリア で、朗読会&トークショーを行うことになりました。本好きな方たちが集まる、すてきなすてきなカフェで、今回のイベントを行えること、とてもうれしく思っています。



[場所]青山ブックカフェ BRISA LIBERERIA

参加希望の方は こちら→http://bit.ly/1hlJdS9 よりオンラインかお電話で、申し込みを行ってください。

December 15th (Sun)
at Brisa Libereria Aoyama

Fee: 2500 yen includes book price (1890yen) + one drink and sweets. good deal!

You will need to apply for the participation online or by phone :)




I'd like to make the announcement of my exhibition in TOKYO!!!
This will be the Christmans display and book-signing event.

[場所]東急百貨店渋谷東横店 西館1F

サイン会 *****

[日程]12月14日 14時〜16時まで
[場所]東急百貨店渋谷東横店 西館1F

朗読会&トークショー *****


[場所]青山ブックカフェ BRISA LIBERERIA

参加希望の方は こちら→http://bit.ly/1hlJdS9 よりオンラインで申し込みを行ってください。



New Children's Book "HENECHOKO" written by Shigenori Kusunoki,
will be released in FEBRUARY 5TH!!
You can pre-order at http://amzn.to/UP03vl please check :) waaa

This book is the second series with Mr. Kusunoki.
It's a very sweet book as well as the first one "EETOKORO".

and also they let me have more freedom for this one,
so that I drew some monsters and fantasy stuff too:)

I just finished the final revisions for this book above today.
And now I started working on two other children's books today.
I mean, there are too many exciting projects!!!
I can't believe it's just only been 12 days passed in 2013. phew.
give me some time to make a new year's resolution!!
It started so quickly :(

But but I'm enjoying those new projects :)

yey yey

SNEAK PEAK: MY IPhone5 Case Sample!!

My IPhone 5 case will be released in Hong Kong Electronic Fair 2012.

It will be 4 different designs (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow)
and I'm just soooo happy about the whole look!
I love love that cable winder (on the left bottom) too!

Now it's only in Hong Kong.
But I will start selling the products online the end of October:)
So please be ready for it--!!


I am pleased to announce my participation for this event in Williamsburg!

on this Friday, September 14th! yeyey

Please check the information below:)

GITANA ROSA GALLERY is pleased to announce it's September exhibition:


September 14 - October 14 2012

Opening Reception: September 14, 6-9pm

An opportunity to stock up on your art collection. This show will be a riot of variety and priced for the 99%. Splurge like the 1% and enjoy the luxury and immediate satisfaction of walking home with a unique or limited edition art piece.

All works will be under $500 and will be up in rotation, as sold, for one month.



Alta Buden, Andrés García-Peña, Andru Eron, Anna Ortiz, Anna Podris, Anthony Puopolo, Ashley Valmere, Ava Federov, Bruno Perillo, Charles Yoder, Christopher Carcich, Claire Stringer, Cody Healey-Conelly, Daniel Maidman, Dharman Abdullah, Elizabeth Wood, Fedele Spadafora, Heidii Taillefer,

Ian Carpenter, Inas Al-Soqi, Jenny Hellman, Joanna Mulder, Joe Kelly, Karen Evans, Keith Norval, Laina Karavani, Maria Kozak, Martine Birobent, Martyna Szczesna, Mary Stern-Grossman, Nathaniel Galka, Nicholas Velasquez,

Nicole Ganas, Peter Calvin, Rebecca Conroy, Robert Saywitz, Robert Brush, Sonomi Kobayashi, Tara DePorte, Tom Billings, Yoko Furusho, Yu Zhang and Zev Jonas

A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the Human Impacts Institute based in NY.

The Human Impacts Institute's mission is to foster sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through inspired engagement, leadership, collaboration, knowledge-building and creative expression. Check out our blog for discussions and special events throughout the month. Click on the logo below for more info:

I will be selling this two drawings with affordable price and my rabbit bag too!!

I hope I can see you there at Gitana Rosa Gallery:)

Thank you!


My Solo Exhibition in Barcelona

Dear All

I am pleased to announce my SOLO EXHIBITION in Barcelona!
from September 5th 2012.

Mitte Art Space Barcelona – Bailén 86 – 08009 – 05.09.2012 

 "Before you find me, I hide in somewhere you don't see"

For this exhibition, the gallery space will become the imaginary world where people can escape from the real life. Furusho will fill the space with many characters, weird animals, mushrooms and  monsters in a single color-monochrome drawings. Each of Furusho's pieces represent a chapter in a story constructed from her vivid imagination, which blends the boundary between real and imaginary.

more information here at: Mitte Art Space  C/Bailén 86 , 08009, Barcelona

Artist Biography:

Yoko Furusho is a Japanese artist/illustrator based in New York. She was born in Tokyo and moved to New York to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts. After her graduation in 2008, she started her career as a professional illustrator/artist. She likes to draw details, textures and patterns with ink and acrylics, and often uses fashion as her inspiration. Her work has also been shown at several other shows around the world.


Mitte Artspace Barcelona – Bailén 86 – 08009 – 05.09.2012


"Antes de que me encuentres, me escondo en algún lugar que tu no ves"

Para esta exposición, el espacio de la galería se convertirá en el mundo imaginario de la artista, lleno de color, armonía y sorpresa. Yoko Furusho llenará el espacio con sus extraños personajes, animales, hongos y monstruos que nos observan desde su realidad. Cada una de las piezas de Yoko representan un capítulo de una historia construida a partir de su imaginación, que combina la frontera entre lo real y lo imaginario.

Biografía del artista:

Yoko Furusho es un artista japonesa / ilustradora con sede en Nueva York. Nació en Tokio y se trasladó a Nueva York para estudiar ilustración en la Escuela de Artes Visuales. Después de su graduación en 2008, comenzó a su carrera como profesional ilustradora / artista. Le gusta dibujar detalles, texturas y  patrones con tinta y acrílicos, y con frecuencia utiliza la moda como fuente de su inspiración. Ha expuesto su obra en China, USA, Australia, Japón, etc.



・New series "Camouflage" will be coming up as  IPhone 5 cases with many color variations.

・Three children's books I was/am working in this summer will come up the end of this year and early next year!

・"Verdugo Hills Remixes" by Caroline is now on sale at Itunes Store. Please check! http://bit.ly/NXYveg

・You can see my illustration on the book, "Carnet de Tendances Kids" in France

・I am preparing for my print shop now and more illustrations are coming up very soooon

埋め込み画像 2


Carnet de Tendances

In French book, Carnet de Tendances.
This is such a cute cute book!
thank you-!

ADC Young Guns X Launch Party

I will be a part of this exhibition at ADC Gallery.
My print will be there for ADC Education!
Let's draw big "X" on "youth fades" and cerebrate together for the young talents!!


ADC Young Guns, the industry's only international, inter-disciplinary, portfolio-based competition for young creative professionals, is marking its 10th anniversary 
call for entries with a party at the ADC Gallery. 

To celebrate ten years of ADC Young Guns, we asked the best in the industry to submit an original X to display at the ADC Gallery. For only $25, you can score one – 100% of the proceeds will benefit ADC Education Programs like The ADC Scholarship Fund and Saturday Career Workshop, helping create the Young Guns of tomorrow.

YGX sponsor Aldine Printing will be on site at the party with their letterpress, creating take-away prints for all attendees. The ADC would also like to thank Neenah Paper,BitFire Studio, and WorkBook for their support of YGX. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
@ ADC Gallery
106 West 29th St, NYC 

$10 Non-Members
ADC Members: Free 

Food, cocktails, and beer will be served.

RSVP/Buy your tickets by clicking below.

All art prints must be paid for with cash or check on the night of the event, and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Learn more about ADC Education here.

my print here:)



LIVE PAINTING on window display  at IKIRU SHOP
TIME: 17:00-21:00
DATE: 30TH and 31ST JULY 2011
SHOP: Rec, 62 08003 Barcelona, Spain

IKIRU is glad to announce its collaboration {SWEET DREAMS} with yoko furusho, and will be displaying her drawing from 30th JULY 2011 to 15th SEPTEMBER 2011. the artist will live-painting on our window display.This is the artist’s first exhibition in spain.there will be t-shirts and bags for sale during the exhibition. 

YOKO FURUSHO is a Tokyo-born artist based in New York. Having studied in New York at the School of Visual Arts, she began her career as a professional illustrator/artist. her work has been featured in Maybelline new york, Keds collective, and princeton architectural press. she has also exhibited her work in several galleries in New York, London and Tokyo. Yoko Furusho's illustrations exposes us to an other worldly sweetly psychedelic universe.