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my friend's studio(poolsidesign.com)will be releasing their new DVD on this thursday!
they are calling for entry of animation and motion graphics every year:)
I made my very first animation for their last one, "undo"
(they give us different theme, each year)
if you're interested in animation, please cooome!!

*smilefaucet DVD Release Party: CHANCE

After a few months screening submissions, late nights illustrating and animating, and a crazy day involving serious musical chairs, *smilefaucet is pleased to announce the world premiere of its ninth installment in its series - CHANCE! Featuring an open by EATDRINK, this should be a fun night to view work by some great talent, old and new!

Where: Fontana’s @ 105 Eldridge St. Between Broome & Grand
When: Thursday, December 4th @ 7pm

Screenings: 8:30pm & 10:00pm
Door: $2

With special guests TBA!
We’d love for you to come out and celebrate this occasion with us!

RSVP by Monday, December 1st.




I've just got the mail and THIS BOOK from my friend in Japan!
She is an awesome artist! super talented!
her name is "cucumber tea"
I HAVE NO IDEA WHY she picked that name though...she still is cool. ahaha
and her pieces are in this book called "kaminomono" (things made with paper)

 click here to buy it:)

thank you for sending this book to me:) miss you so much! xo

art fair

I went to pre-party of the affordable art fair today!
my friend, John Ryan Solis, is a part of it.
his works are awesome!!
and that art fair was fun!! thank you for inviting me John!
and we went to eat ramen after it. ahaha

check his works from here.

affordable art fair (Jun12-15)


I smell the summer in the air.
but It just isn't real to me though.
thank you for my best studiomates and sweetest professors.
thank you for my family and my friends.
I'm always the happiest person in the world cuz of you all.
well, I graduated.